Leadership and management development courses for the 21st century

For leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and professional knowledge workers.

  • We are living and working in a new economic age of austerity, uncertainty and perpetual change.
  • Will the managerial knowledge, skills and attitudes we have developed and applied over the last 100 years be the ones that help us survive and grow in these dynamic, turbulent times?
  • Are the linear, command and control ways we managed production lines in the past appropriate for current 21st century knowledge workers and complex multi-organisation/cultural teams?
  • How will professional knowledge workers begin to manage themselves? They may not manage direct reports but they do manage significant resources and contribute to major projects.
  • How will entrepreneurs successfully grow their small and micro businesses without developing appropriate management and leadership skills?

In other words we need Intrapreneurs – individuals that can embrace entrepreneurial, leadership and managerial attitudes and skills to overcome both the external and internal challenges that exist within all organisations.

Our nationally recognised and accredited ‘21st Century Leaders’ course is designed to help develop this intrapreneurial skill set. We understand that finances and the time available to support your own and your organisation’s development are restricted so we’ve designed a course concentrated into nine intensive days and delivered one day per month – all at minimum cost.

All our courses are available to both individuals and corporate clients and are delivered to small, mixed sector tutorial groups and supported by a collaborative learning platform.

It’s key features and benefits are:

  • A highly cost and time effective programme for busy professionals
  • Recognised by the CMI against national standards
  • Delivered over nine full days, nominally one day per month
  • Competitively priced at £2000 plus VAT
  • Designed for today and tomorrow’s managerial landscape
  • Delivered to small tutorial groups
  • Participants are all experienced practitioners and from all sectors
  • Facilitated by mature, experienced professionals at convenient times and locations
  • All course learning and support materials are available online through Noddlepod
  • Participants have access to additional extensive CMI online learning materials
  • Includes CMI membership benefits and a non-assessed CMI certificate upon completion for CPD and CV purposes
  • Nationally accredited CMI qualification upgrade options to graduate or masters level are available at extra cost
  • Recommended qualification upgrade is £500 plus VAT to either;
  • Potentially funded to suitable organisations, initially in the Leeds City Region
  • Alternative payment plans are available to private self-funding participants
  • Is well proven with excellent feedback and recommendations
  • Can be delivered at other locations, subject to demand, or corporately

More details on dates and pricing is available here or either call 01484 500404 or email: info@partnersinmanagement.co.uk for an informal discussion on suitability, funding options and availability.