Leadership and management development courses for the 21st century

The sensible alternative to an MBA. Our ultimate intrapreneur development short course for those leading innovation and change. Graduate / masters level qualification options.

A two day course utilising our RIDFEAR® self-coaching methodology. It’s well proven and helps people work out for themselves who they really are, what they realistically want from both life and work and how they can achieve it.

Our foundation intrapreneur development short course for those leading teams, delivering results and improving productivity. Level 4 undergraduate qualification options.

When the cost cutting, downsizing, lay-offs and closure options are all exhausted and you are left with a traumatised, down-hearted but loyal workforce – where will the innovation, productivity and future growth come from? Have you the creative flair, disruptive thinking and ability to challenge the ‘status-quo’?

In today’s over stretched and under resourced organisations, do you find you are becoming an over-worked star with limited helpers? How do you become that fantastic organiser and team builder and make life that much easier?

  • At what point though do you step back and evaluate your own strengths, identify how you can best contribute to yours and your organisation’s future success?
  • What new knowledge, skills and attitudes do you need and how will you begin to develop them?

Are you and your organisation ready and willing to invest a little time and money in development and through improved leadership and management begin to solve the puzzle of low productivity and cultural malcontent?

If so, any of our three courses will help.

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‘Improving management and leadership would strengthen SME growth and reduce business failures’ – CMI Sep 2015
‘A lack of leadership and management skills is hampering the growth potential of small businesses and acting as a brake on productivity’ – FSB Mar 2016
‘Weaknesses in management processes and practices go a long way towards explaining the long tail of low productivity’ –Bank of England Mar 2017