Strategic leadership and management development short courses

 Masters Level Strategic Management & Leadership Qualification from £1750 plus VAT

CMI Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management & Leadership

6-day modular seminar programme comprising two stand alone 2-day and two 1-day short developmental courses
(These can be taken singularly and not linked to a qualification)

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Stand out from the crowd with a CMI strategic leadership and management qualification

“There’s no such thing as a natural-born pilot.” – Chuck Yeager
“Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it.” — Henry Mintzberg
On your next holiday you wouldn’t expect your flight crew or beach lifeguard to have had no formal training or assessment? So why do organisations continually just trust to luck and fail to invest in their strategic managers and leaders – and then suffer the subsequent economic and human consequences? Is it simply a short sighted, narrow minded supposed cost saving approach, or is it a lack of suitable proven provision, compounded by an expensive and bad training experience?
One thing to remember is that training reinforces the “right way” to do things as it standardises and maintains the status quo. Development, however, differentiates and encourages forward thinking. So managers and leaders are not trained – they are developed.
Our unique and highly innovative developmental approach has been well proven over many years, across all sectors and uses an intensive, highly cost and time effective seminar format. Delivered to small groups, it is designed to inspire and develop the strategic managers and leaders we need both now and in the economically challenging future.

21st Century Leaders Strategic Courses

Based on extensive participant feedback, we are now delivering our innovative 21st Century Leaders programme as a series of three independant courses all focussed on strategic change. These short, intensive courses are suitable for all sectors and individuals. Whether a highly experienced, practically skilled senior leader, an aspirational middle manager, an owner manager looking to grow themselves, their management team and their business or a professional knowledge worker leading diverse teams, these courses are ideal.

There is also a MeQ® 2-day course (without completing the 2-day Leading Strategically course) designed to support individuals and teams experiencing change. This is usually delivered corporately but can be delivered to open groups given sufficient demand.

The courses can be either taken stand-alone or as a full suite, as participants and organisations require. There is the option too to optionally register any time (at extra cost) for a CMI 21st Century Leaders recognition certificate, or in addition to all 3 courses, the CMI Level 7 (masters) in Strategic Management & Leadership qualification. This option includes 1-day induction plus 1:1 study support, CMI registration and assessment plus 21st Century Leaders CMI recognition registration).

Autumn 2018 course dates and prices can be seen on our Course Dates & Prices page or downloaded here.

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